How to Plan a Perfect African Safari for True Adventure

African Safari for True Adventure

When thinking of a ‘trip of a lifetime’ many people thinks of an over the top Safari to Africa! There are several factors that come into play while you are in the research and development part of a trip. Below you will find a list of helpful hints to aid you in your search for the perfect African Adventure.

African Safari

African Safari Areas you want to visit

Most people are slightly overwhelmed the first time they look at a map of Africa, and for good reason! This huge expanse of land encompasses a variety of offerings as big as the continent itself. Do you want to travel to mysterious Morocco to ride camels, shop for rugs, and drink tea with the locals?  With Arik air Or maybe travel to Kenya on a photo safari during the wildebeest migration? Or even traverse the sand dunes and Skeleton Coast of Namibia while meeting the local Himba tribesmen.

African Safari1

African Safari Timing

There are so many timing issues to take into consideration, and all are linked back to the activities that mean the most to you. The wildebeest migration is best seen in Kenya from June to August, but if you want to see babies abound, you may want to hold off until November. For Morocco I would recommend between April to early June, or September through November as crowds are smaller and the climate is milder.

African Safari Level of luxury

Alright, so you have decided the what, where, and when, now we need to talk about the how! How are you going to travel, are you looking for the 5 star luxury camping that Africa is so well known for, or are you thinking a arik air budget trip with less lavish amenities. Are you camping, or staying in hotels? Your budget will either be set by the type of accommodations you select, or the accommodations you select will set your budget, either way there are a plethora of options.

African Safari2

African Safari Types of Safaris

For the most part, safaris are a costly kind of vacation. But as with any other type of travel, you can tailor your safari to suit your personal budget. The length of your safari will affect its cost, although you may want to cut your trip short to save cash, the longer you stay, the less you will probably pay on a per-night basis. If you’re looking for luxury digs on your safari prepare to pay more.

African Safari3

African Safari When to Go

Africa is an immense continent with safari opportunities available across thousands of miles, so the best time to travel to Africa depends on your specific destination. Overall, it’s best to travel in the dry season, which corresponds to the region’s winter. Since safari destinations are in the Southern Hemisphere, their seasons run opposite of North America. Winter is from June to September, and summer is from December to March.

African Safari Time Duration of your stay

Another factor for budgeting is of course the time you are committing to your trip. Are you traveling for a 10 day focused adventure, or a three month extensive excursion. Usually the most expensive part of an African trip is the airfare to the continent, so make sure you plan a trip that incorporates just want you want while you are there.

African Safari4

African Safari Choosing a tour operator

So you have a few things narrowed down, the what, where, when, and how’s. This leaves us with who! Who is going to help you, if anyone? There are tour operators scattered all over the place and most are filled with detailed, firsthand knowledge of traveling in Africa with arik air ! Use them! They can even help you while you are narrowing down your wish list. There are operators that deal with daily activities all the way to planning the entire multi-day excursion.

African Safari Africa here you come

You have done it! You have made the lists, consulted the professionals, and found the perfect African experience! Now all you have to do is go. Remember to take lots of photos, write down what you do every day, and soak it all in! Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and relish in the knowledge that with a little preparation you have created the trip of a life time.

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Bungee Jumping Places

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping  dive from the giddy height of a towering fixed structure while an elastic cord secures you and keeps you suspended just inches above the ground level at the end of the leap. What leaves most people breathless during a bungee venture are the rebounds that occur due to the stretching and snapping of the cord. Bungee jumping was first practiced as a rite of passage for the youths of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu.

Bungee Jumping 1

Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jumping

You’d be hard-pushed to find a more spectacular setting in which to take the leap of faith than here. You stand, in no man’s land between two countries, atop the old railway bridge that Cecil Rhodes ordered to be built. Behind you crash the mighty falls, known to locals as “the smoke that thunders”, while 111m beneath crocodiles circle in the Zambezi river.

The Grand Canyon Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is certainly not for everyone arik air is the best way to go for such locations.  It is an exhilarating and life-threatening event.  Personally, I know numerous friends and family members who would sky dive, but would never step foot next to a cliff and jump off with a simple elastic rope attached to their waistline and ankles.  But thousands of people survive this thrilling event daily with the need to do it again and again.  And what better place to risk your life than the beautiful Grand Canyon right?  It is a story you will be carrying with you for decades, while looking back at the “good times”

Bungee Jumping

Ticino, Switzerland Bungee Jumping

The Verzasca Dam is a staggering piece of engineering at 720 feet high, 1,250 feet wide, and 23 million cubic feet of poured concrete (that’s about 2 million bathtubs’ full). Despite its smooth, space-age design and photogenic nature, the dam was built to create a hydroelectric power plant to serve the people in Ticino. Verzasca came into the public eye with GoldenEye (1995) in which the opening scene has James Bond bungee jumping from the top of the dam, which in this context, is supposed to be a Soviet weapons factory in the Arctic.

California Bungee Jumping

California when I first read about the Bridge to Nowhere an isolated concrete bridge perched over the San Gabriel River leading neither from nor to any destination  the idea of it caught my imagination. Just the name made the Bridge seem cosmically significant, as though, simply walking over it might take a person away from his life and problems. At least, finding the Bridge seemed like it might be an adventure.

Nepal Bungee Jumping

Ultimate Bungy at The Last Resort in Nepal may be the most spectacular Bungy Jump on the Planet. This the last resort remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhoti Kosi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet border is the longest free-fall in the world arik air. Designed, constructed and operated by very experienced Kiwis to exacting international standards your safety is guaranteed. It is Nepal’s Ultimate Rush., Imagine a bridge over a 160-meter tropical gorge with the Bhote Kosi, one of the world’s wildest rivers raging below… Now Jump.

Bungee Jumping 2

Great Canada Bungee Jumping

Looking for the highest bungee jump in the land? Then look no further. Just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa is “The Rock”, home to Great Canadian Bungee’s 200 ft. Goliath. Here you’ll find one of the world’s most spectacular and unique Bungee Jumping sites. Visualize an amphitheater of solid limestone, 200 ft. High, surrounding a 160 ft. Deep aqua-blue, spring-fed lagoon, larger than 3 football fields.

Macau Tower Bungee Jumping

With Arik air go, The World’s Highest Bungy Jump at Macau Tower will take its guests on a free fall at a speed of up to 200km/h for the ultimate extreme journey! Plunging from a platform 233m high, challengers will experience a 4-5 second free fall before stretching the 50 meter Bungy cord nearly four times its unloaded length and rebounding at approximately 30 meters above the ground. Using a guide cable system, Bungy jumpers will be able to safely experience a few rebounds before slowly landing onto a specially designed airbag.

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Best Travel Tips To Book Cheap Tickets

Air travel was a dream in the past eras, but has become a regular routine in the few decades. Not only business professionals prefer air travel, but also most of the holiday seekers, especially families do wish for the same. Chasing behind the airlines for a cheap airfare is really annoying and so travelers have become smart enough to get things done from their iPad. You can keep your financial plan intact and yet can find a great deal that saves you amazement. So, by redeeming money here, you can use that money elsewhere shopping, eating and whatnot. So as you for booking any travel deal, you shall keep in mind that you have to one that sticks to your plan. It may somewhat go up and down your budget, but it is fine. Well, you need to aware of some important tips for getting such deals. Want to get a Low-Priced Umrah Packages for Your Family and Family Friends?? Then you are in the right place to get an opportunity in the form of cheap deals.

Best Travel tips To Book cheap tickets

The first tip on getting a good flight ticket deal is going for the return flight ticket as round trip tickets come cheaper than just the one-sided ones. The reason for this lies in the fact that great discounts are offered on round-trip deals, so you save good on your overall trip. The second factor that you shall consider following is, Time. Tickets go costlier during weekends as the travel during this phase increases many times than that during weekdays. So it is advisable to travel during weekdays so that you get cheap flight tickets, if the budget is really your concern. Most holiday operators will offer the best deals for those who purchase a set time early, usually at least 14 days. The earlier the better, if you purchase it even earlier, let’s say 6 months in advanced, then it will most probably be much cheaper. Flights to Accra from London are an ideal way to reach Ghana, a favorite with travelers for being West Africa’s friendliest country. Take advantage from Arik Air low fares and book your cheap flight to Accra. Accra is the capital city of Ghana. It is a very versatile city. Here, you will find wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and rich nature.

When you book cheap airline tickets using the particular travel website, they might provide you some discount coupons and gift vouchers which you can use for the next flight. These types of discounts are framed to attract the clientele, thereby making them faithful towards the website. People also like to stick to a website if they are charged a smaller amount, and therefore websites which give far less can liked and used by many people. Web sites provide best offers for those who are planning for a holiday. All inclusive cheap holiday packages are rendered with the offers on hotel rooms, flight tickets, car rentals, et cetera. Get advantage of the Arik airline without any delay now as these are the best and reliable way to enhance pleasure of your holiday, more conveniently and efficiently than ever before. The best price and services are offered and guaranteed by the Arik airline, now put your trust on the airline and just enjoy each moment of your astonishing excursion. View our Affordable Umrah Packages for your religious obligation from the United Kingdom to Holy Land of Saudi Arabia.

This will save you money as well as time. Cheap vacation packages are becoming popular among travelers who seek a tension free holiday.  Another item to consider is also on the time of day that you plan to depart. Usually a further premium is normally placed on ‘nice’ flight times, for example ones that will not involve a particularly early start or involve traveling during the night. So, if you are prepared to compromise slightly on your flight times, you may find that you can gain some additional savings in your overall flight ticket price. Confirm your Lagos ticket now to set off for the exciting journey. Arik air Booking is in your reach now, make your reservation confirm and get your ticket to the beautiful destination. Looking for the easy access to the reservation for cheap tickets? Just choose Arik air Booking and it will surely be in your reach. You may fly anywhere, you wish by the simple reservation process.  Finally, you need to be aware of the time of year you are planning to travel and whether it is during a holiday season. Usually during vacation seasons, like Christmas break, summer break, and school breaks, you will see a huge demand in air travel, therefore the prices may increase.

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Easy Tips for Environmentally Aware Travel

Environmentally Aware Travel

You don’t have to go to a jungle to save ape to travel ‘green’, but you can easily leave less of a green footprint behind when traveling.

Easy Tips for Environmentally Aware Travel

Many people take vacations to relax and get away from the stresses of daily life, about the environment they don’t want to have to worry while they’re gone. They think they need to go to Costa Rica and save the sea turtles in order to qualify as ‘green’ travelers. Not true. They’re not for everyone while the more labor intensive volunteer excursions are wonderful experiences for some. Get the benefit of the Arik air Nigeria and reach to your dream spots with the economy class rates, which just come inside your figure, without compromising over the standard of services rendered.

43 million American travelers are ‘ecologically concerned’ A report from the Green Hotels friendship quotes a US Travel Data Center survey stating. People care, they just don’t know what to do about it.

Environmentally Aware Travel1

The environment and the culture of the places one visits Green travel in effect means travel that is concerned with protecting. From the simple to the more complex some of the ways we can be greener travelers are mentioned below this can be achieved in many ways.

Before You Leave on Your Trip

  • Turn off your water connection.
  • Turn off all appliances in your home; some appliances can pull up to 40 watts per hour even if turned off.
  • Turn low the temperature of the thermostat and water heaters.
  • For the time being interrupt your newspaper service or donate it to a local school.
  • While Traveling

Use online tickets for your airline flights

Buy carbon emissions offsets from an organization like Sustainable Travel International. By paying a some extra fee when you travel by air like the amount of carbons emissions caused by your flight can be offset with the organization’s contributing to sustainable energy in other areas. The best price and services are offered and guaranteed by the Arik airline, now put your trust on the airline and just enjoy each moment of your astonishing excursion.

Opt for a hybrid rental car

Choose a ‘green’ hotel. These are accommodations whose goals are to protect the environment and reduce waste. Some of these use 100% solar powers for their hotels automatically turn off lights and appliances when guests depart the rooms, have low-flow toilets and recycling bins in the rooms, in their restaurants use local natural products. The Independent Traveler website lists a ‘Top 10 Ecologies and Green Hotels’.

Environmentally Aware Travel

While At Your Destination

Tell hotel staff you don’t need your linens changed each day. In Many hotels employ a system to only replace used towels in guest rooms to avoid excessive laundry.

  • Turn off all lights and appliances, and turn down the heat or A/C when leaving the room.
  • Reducing the need for excessive packaging of small lotions, shampoos, etc Bring and use your own toiletries during your trip,
  • Take short showers and turn off the water when brushing teeth.
  • Take public transportation or walk whenever possible many local sightseeing tours are walking tours.

When tourism

  • Whenever possible, buy local and locally grown products.
  • Avoid disposable cameras, which contribute to waste.
  • Avoid buying anything made of rare species, like ivory, tortoise shells, rare animal skins, etc. Many of these are made only for the tourist trade.
  • Respect local wildlife and local citizen culture.

These efforts to reduce environmental impact are not overly disruptive to a vacation routine, and can help greatly in reducing pollution and interference with the local environment. Take a flight to Lagos and you will soon see it is not the place for a relaxing break, it is maybe a bit hectic for that. Although there are some sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast. But if you are up for a quest in one of the busiest cities in Africa, grab a flight to Lagos.

Even when on vacation most people are concerned with the condition of the earth and they can continue to help. As the old saying goes, take nothing but memories, leave nil but footprints.

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Taking Junior Kids on Vacation

The idea of taking their young children on vacation means that there will be no vacation at all for many people. Here we give you some tips to deal with your children, and have a good time as well.

Junior Kids on Vacation

Allocation a large space has its compensation for one thing; parents get mature time once the kids are asleep down the entry. At a least, each age group should have its own bedroom to allow for the irregular time-out. When traveling with juniors, the trick is picking the correct destination. Somewhere that offers hands-on activities, exciting history, and even an animal or two can turn the dreaded “When will we be there” into “Where will we move next?” create a plan with Arik Airline to bring your kids on vacations to make it good and memorable.

Junior Kids on Vacation

Pack well

When traveling to a new destination, many kids will also pleasure in the fact that their surroundings have changed. A beach objective always offers welcome diversions in the form of sand and water, which are approximately always can’t miss favorites of young children. As a result, the requirement for familiar toys from home is very much diminished.

Establish realistic outlook

It’s main to keep hope in check when traveling with kids. If your kid doesn’t handle restaurants fine, then it’s safe to suppose that he or she won’t enjoy them whilst on vacation either. Even though the restaurant may be one of your favorites and have much food, rest assured your child won’t care.

Junior Kids on Vacation

Many times, this works out large and everyone has a superb and unforgettable time. Other times, it just doesn’t work for some reason or another and the child simply is not involved in the activity or location. When things appear to be going badly and you’re getting signals that they’re not getting better, it’s often improved to change gears and try a new location. Even something as Plain Park or a little walk may be sufficient to get things back on track.

Don’t Forget to Take the Camera

Even if you find yourself struggling while on vacation with your little children, take as many photos and videos as you can probably. While the moments may not be perfect and it can be difficult to lug around the equipment, things will always look much better in the photos you take. Only months or weeks later, looking back will almost always bring a smile to your face, regardless of the context of the photos or videos. You can get help from Arik Air Nigeria Flight Service to make this trip amazing with your little kids. Arik Air allows you to find the cheap flights to Lagos without having to enter explicit dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your journey.

It might also be calming to know that each subsequent vacation or trip with young children gets a little bit easier, although there can always be some exceptions to that rule. Enjoy vacations as much as possible, sometimes just letting things fall where they might. Looking back, these are the times as parents that you’ll always treasure.

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Activities for Kids Traveling on a Plane

If your kids are the personification of a bundle of energy and you are planning the traveling with them, but afraid to loose your prudence and the well wishes of the other passengers, by the end of the long flight. Here are a few ideas to keep your seraph occupied, so that you can take that occasional nap without having nightmares.

Carry entertainment while traveling with kids on a plane

It could be turn as a nightmare to travel with the kids, if the journey is long and you have not taken care to pack some things to entertain your kids throughout the excursion. The Kids have much more energy, than of an adult, and for them it becomes difficult to sit still for more than half an hour at an expanse. No yelling at them can force them to shut up and sit still. If they try to manage them, there will invariably be the continuation and vigorous shaking of legs, or shifting in their seats, or playing with their boogers, or the continuous prodding with their cute, tiny fingers to ask you all sorts of questions! It not only can get really tiring for the parents, but it does disturb others on the flight too, if your child throws a temper because he is bored and restless. Here are a few things that you can try out, to keep your child happy and engaged on a long journey. If you are looking for Inexpensive Umrah Packages then feel free to contact us to get the Discounted Umrah deals as soon as possible.

Fun Activities to Keep Your Child Occupied


An empty stomach equal to an angry and agitated child is the main thing to remember while traveling with the kids in flight or other airlines. You can pack some light and interesting snacks, to feed them at regular intervals throughout the journey. The sweet and sugary snacks should be avoided, as they tend to increase the energy levels, and you will end up with an excitable and restless kid in a restrained space. You can imagine the scenario very well!


This idea never fails to bring, a fat coloring book, get crayons, sketch pens, magic markers, and whatever else you can think of, to keep your kids engaged. You must choose the book with lots of their favorite pictures, or you can get printouts of their favorite characters and ask them to color those. Take care that they do not color anything other than the pictures in the books.

Gadgets and Other Stuff

The gadgets can keep the little champ happy. You may take along you, a walk-man/ iPod, and books-on-tape for them to listen to. For the kids of small ages, you can take the CD or cassette of their favorite nursery rhymes and fair tales, if they are interested in that. PlayStation portable, action figures, handheld video games, etc., are also from the great ideas.


Getting an exciting game is another really fun way of keeping your kid engaged, or a puzzle to solve. These are some games best suited for long flights:

  • Printable Games

There are many printable games for kids also, which also prove as great learning tools. Take these along, since they are suitable for the kids when they are stuck up in restricted spaces, and are not allowed to move around much.

  • Rubik’s Cube

The Kids above the age of 6 will love to pass time doing something challenging, and below 6 years will be excited with the idea of having different colored squares moving around. The simple combinations should provide them, that are possible, and ask them to solve it. They will be excited when they succeed, and can be happily occupied for a couple of hours. Get the suitable Umrah Package that are according to your Budget and requirements for your Holy Journey.

  • Finger Puppets

By drawing the characters directly on your fingers with temporary markers, or on paper wrapped around your fingers you can make the finger puppets. You can draw on your kid’s fingers too, and have a mini play decorated with funny and witty dialogs.

  • Card and Map Games

You can engage your kid by playing the UNO hands, or taking along a map with you. You can draw your destination and the place of leaving of the map, marking your position of the small intervals, will keep your child busy on-board. Ask him to guess the position and reward him with a chocolate if he give the right answer to you. Also keep giving him clues to help him.

  • Creative Games

You can ask your child to pick out the shapes in the interior of the plane. Or give him some alphabet like ‘A’ and ask him to find out the things starting with this alphabet, this will keep his mind busy and make your journey quite easy and calm for others as well. You could also play I Spy, and virtual hide and seek games. Your kid will surely enjoy these games.

  • Scavenger Hunts

To take some magazine of the Kid’s interest along with you on the Online News Pakistan or other airline is a smart thing to do. Do flip through the pages, and find pictures, and then hand over the book to your kid and ask him/ her to find that particular picture.

Art and Craft Activities

Get the basic jewelry making kit for girls and you would need not to pay much attention to her, or the bike assembling kit for boys. This list can be endless, what with ready-made art and craft kits available in the market today.  Take care that the pieces are not of a nature to annoy the others.

Movies/ Videos/ Songs

You can carry along with you some CDs of movies, songs or the videos of the Kid’s interest. Carrying a portable DVD player or a small laptop with you, can let your kid watch as many shows of Tom and Jerry as he likes, or as many movies as he likes till the journey is over. Not a peep out of them would annoy others, I can bet you!


The books with the pop up scenes, and lots of bright colorful pictures, can be kept for the Kids under the 6 years. Some sports, adventure or mystery books, should be appropriate for the Kids above 6. If you give them permission to read one book that you weren’t permitting them to read because they were too young for it, it will make them feel special enough to sit quietly and finish the book.


Although it is not an original idea, and I don’t remember where I read it, yet it works wonders! Whatever you want to give your kids on the plane, wrap it up and make a big show every time they ask for something and ask them to unwrap the thing they always demand. This surely works to keep them happy.

These tips and ideas will make your next long trip by Online News Pakistan or other destinations where you want to go is better with your kids. Do not forget to take comfortable clothes with you, for them in case they need a change of clothes, and remain sure that they are dressed comfortably.

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Things to Carry for a Winter Vacation

Things to Carry for a Winter Vacation

For those of you who have planned a vacation, especially to a place that is extreme cold, you want to plan and pack sensibly for a happy stay. Know what all you must carry with you for a truly ideal winter vacation.

Packing for a vacation can be very thrilling, and if it’s for a winter vacation, you should keep in mind that you need enough clothing to keep you and your family warm. It’s a good thought to start shopping well in advance for all your winter requisites, especially overcoats, woolen garments, winter weather accessories, etc jackets, so that you don’t lose out on fine deals. If you want to travel by air then you are waiting for what? are always ready to take off for your desired destination so this is the time to make your dreams true. Take A Tour from London, Birmingham & Manchester towards Holy Places of Makkah and Madinah thru Cheapest Umrah Packages.

Winter holiday Checklist

  • Winter Vacation Coats and Jackets

  • □ Fleece jackets
  • □ Sweaters
  • □ Turtlenecks
  • □ Waterproof jackets
  • □ Leather jackets
  • □ Fur jackets
  • □ Winter coats
  • □ Overcoats
  • □ Trench coats
  • □ Ski jackets
  • □ Aloe vera lotion
  • Winter Vacation Clothes

  • □ Short-sleeved shirts
  • □ Long-sleeved shirts
  • □ Short-sleeved tops
  • □ Long-sleeved tops
  • □ Sweatshirts
  • □ Sweatpants
  • □ Khaki pants
  • □ Casual pants
  • □ Jeans
  • □ Corduroys
  • □ Woolen pants
  • □ Cashmere headbands
  • Winter Vacation Clothes for Children

  • □ Infant bodysuits
  • □ Pajamas
  • □ T-shirts
  • □ Tops
  • □ Hooded sweaters
  • □ Socks
  • □ Mittens
  • □ Woolen caps
  • □ Booties
  • Winter Vacation Innerwear

  • □ Thermal vests
  • □ Thermal tops
  • □ Thermal bottoms
  • □ Fleece Tops
  • □ Leggings
  • Winter Vacation Skincare

  • □ Lip balm
  • □ Sunscreen lotion
  • □ Moisturizing lotion
  • Winter Vacation Shoes
  • □ Sneakers
  • □ Hiking shoes
  • □ Gumboots
  • □ Snow boots
  • Winter Vacation Accessories

  • □ Scarves
  • □ Gloves
  • □ Mittens
  • □ Woolen caps
  • □ Socks
  • □ Thermal earmuffs
  • □ Stoles
  • □ Shawls
  • □ Blankets
  • □ Sunglasses
  • □ Snow goggles
  • □ Ski helmets
  • □ Umbrellas
  • □ Raincoats
  • □ First-aid kit
  • □ Prescription medication

Packing for a vacation can take up a lot of time, so if you make a list of all the items you need and begin packing well in advance, there is little chance that you will forget to pack in any essential item. The advice to Online News Pakistan pack your favorite stuff is a strong one; maybe appear at those items last during the packing process, not first, and by then you will possible have made them avoidable through your other, more reasonably exact choices.

Important Search Terms:

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